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Our meal bars and wild boar jerky are made with real food - no fillers, preservatives, or artificial flavors. Our whole food ingredients give you long-lasting energy to carry you up that last hill, to the top of that last pitch, or just through a long day at the office. 

  1.                     All of our meal bars, both sweet and savory, are 100% organic, gluten-free, soy-free and vegan. Plus, we never add sugar. Every package of wild boar jerky you enjoy removes more of this destructive, invasive species from the environment, so you can feel good about eating it.

Founding Foods strives to be a net-positive company.  We use compostable packaging, divert our waste from the landfill, and use locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible.

We make real food to make you feel real good.



Looking for a convenient and healthy snack without the sweetness typical of other bars? These gluten-free, vegan and organic snacks boast quality, whole ingredients and the savory deliciousness of a home-cooked meal. Each bar is packed with nutrients, rich in fiber, high in protein and has 300 calories to keep you satisfied. It's a meal replacement that actually tastes like a meal.


Sweet Bars


We use Wild Boar for all our jerky because it’s pretty much the best meat you can find. It’s far more flavorful than farmed meat, better for you and better for the environment. Wild game is already healthier than farmed meat, and we make sure not to ruin it by adding sugar or preservatives. Eating boar is actually good for the planet. As an invasive species in the United States, ever-growing Wild Boar populations now cause $1.5 billion in property damage every year. We turn this destructive species into healthy, delicious, protein-rich jerky that you can actually feel good about eating. 


Savory Bars


The perfect breakfast or snack. Sweetened with dried fruit instead of sugar, these bars will delight your taste buds and give your body the fuel it needs to power through the day. Each bar is rich in fiber and has 300 calories to satisfy your hunger. Featuring three unique flavors, including a nut-free option! 


Wild Boar Jerky


our story

The foundation of Founding Foods was built by a group of friends who met at the University of Colorado over a mutual love for exploring the outdoors. While sharing camping and rock climbing adventures, and cooking large group meals, we discussed world problems ranging from a food system heavy on fats, sugars, and processed foods, to the overabundance of material wastes, and the increasing loss of natural habitat.

After completing degrees in Environmental Science, many of us found ourselves teetering on the edge of a crisis. What good was our collective environmental knowledge without the opportunity for real, meaningful action?

Rachel, our founder, decided to tackle this question with a little help from nature. She packed her bags, dehydrated dozens of pounds of homemade snacks and hit the Pacific Crest Trail. Along the way, she realized that hungry hikers crave not candy bars and trail mix but savory, satisfying foods like the ones she’d made. Ideas began to form where the love of food, passion for sustainability and health coalesced into the framework of what is now Founding Foods. Making healthy and sustainable food accessible to all, we have an opportunity for real, meaningful action.

Here at Founding Foods, our goal is to be an ecologically net-positive company. We want to leave the natural environment in better shape than we found it. We use only compostable packaging, divert waste from landfills and source our ingredients from local Colorado farms whenever possible.

We want your purchase to make the world just a little bit better.